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Exclusive Fleet Beautifully Maintained by Retro Rides SD Team!

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1929 Durant 4-Door Vintage Car

This rare 1929 classic wedding car build by William Durant, founder of General Moters, has been
completely restored to reflect the glory of the roaring 20’s!

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Sandiegoweddeingcars 1929durant1
Sandiegoweddeingcars 1929durant2
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1938 Packard Motor Car

Our 1938 Packard is an American luxury car and has been fully restored and is perfect for all occasions
including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, proms, & corporate events!

20140913 151339
20140913 153130
20160102 161124
20160306 220839

1927 Star 4-Door by Durant Motor

This antique vintage car has had a complete restoration at a cost of over $70,000!  It features a beautiful
tri-color scheme with light cream and bright red fenders!  The interior is comfortable ivory, imitation
leather.  All our antique classic cars feature “Oogle” horns, sirens and bells for you to operate!

27 Star At Night 3
27 3Girls Back Seat
IMG 0778
Car1 2l
Sandiegoweddingcars 27star4
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1929 Durant 4-Door Vintage Car (Deluxe)

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20150410 172823
20150410 191151 Resized

1929 Durant 4-Door Vintage Car (Midnight Blue)

29bl 60  W Couple

1967 Ford LTD Classic 2-Door Hardtop

This vintage “Muscle Car” has a 302 V8, 200 Horsepower engine with a nice rumble via glass pac mufflers, with power brakes & steering. Features a rear seat centerfold down “Opera” armrest found only in LTD’s. The upholstery is jet black in original period style with an elaborate embroidering design on the back of each seating area. Our family has maintained this vintage car with pride for over 40 years!

Sandiegoweddingcars 67fordltd
Sandiegoweddingcars 67fordltd2
Sandiegoweddingcars 67fordltd3